The independent action group for current and ex Equitable Life policyholders, funded by contributions.

Equitable Members Action Group

Equitable Members Action Group Limited, a company limited by guarantee, number 5471535 registered in the UK

Committee Meeting: 05/08/2005 - AGM


Held at:   19:00 on 3rd August 2005 at the National Liberal Club London.
Present:   Paul Braithwaite, Alex Henney, Tom Lake, Colin Slater. Mike Neal, Leslie Seymour, Betty McCann
In attendance:   Nicolas Bellord and 120 members
Apologies for Absence:   Chris Carnaghan, John Newman
  1. Introduction
    Tom Lake the Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting. He commented that EMAG was in its sixth year and was surprised that we were still going strong.

  2. Minutes
    Minutes of last year’s AGM. Proposed by Stewart Simpson and seconded by Nicolas Bellord, approved with one abstention.

  3. Accounts
    The Accounts for the Year Ending 30th April 2005. Proposed by Sir Jeremy Lever and seconded by Stewart Simpson, approved unanimously.

    There were no questions from the floor.

  4. EMAG Ltd
    The Chairperson confirmed our change from EMAG to EMAG Limited as agreed at last year’s AGM. It was noted that the Company Secretary had filed and dated the 1 July completed Forms 288a with the Registrar of Companies to record the appointment of Mike Neal, Chris Carnaghan, Betty McCann, and Leslie Seymour. It was noted that the directors present constituted a quorum. It was noted that Nicolas Bellord's paperwork was pending.

    The committee answered many questions from the floor.

  5. AOB
    No further matters were discussed.

  6. EGM
    The AGM was followed by the EGM of EMAG Limited.