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Correspondence: 23/07/2003 - Letter to the society's Tony McGarahan from Paul Braithwaite

23 July '03 - Letter to the society's Tony McGarahan from Paul Braithwaite

Dear Mr McGarahan

There has been comment on FOOLS about P 87 of the PO's report.

It is attributed there to the society's solicitors (Lovells?) that IF such a meeting took place (Aug 14th, 2000) the officers of ELAS are no longer employed by the society and, in the opinion of the current Appointed Actuary (PeterNowell at time of submission?) the comments were unlikely to have been made as reported.

Whilst I was not present or involved, I am told by Tom Lake (committee member then and now) that the society invited EMAG members to Basinghall Street for virtually a full day of constructive dialogue. The society chose to appoint Alistair Dunbar (with Vic Otter) to represent it. Alistair, as a much experienced and trained actuary of many years experience in ELAS was, at that time, a senior executive - with formal responsibility as head of PR.

I believe that the original draft notes prepared by EMAG were not entirely well received and, at the society's request, some modifications were made prior to their being put on EMAG's website in November 2000 - where they have been accessible to all, including Lovells, ever since.

I personally recall that at about Christmas 2000 Alistair Dunbar, who used to monitor policyholder groups websites, requested EMAG (and others) to remove pages and links, under pain of legal redress. The above mentioned notesof the August 14th, 2000 meeting were NOT included.

It appears that the society's solicitors have mis-informed to the office of the PO:

- The meeting DID take place as described, as both Adrian Howard-Jones and Tom Lake would attest.
- The society entrusted representation to Alistair Dunbar who was a trained and experienced actuary of very many years standing with the society.
- The comments as reported were materially accurate.

Under this circumstance should not the society issue an apology and a correction to the PO?

Yours sincerely,


Paul Braithwiate

Note: Alistair Dunbar remains employed as a senior executive of ELAS.