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Correspondence: 19/10/2003 - Letter to Vanni Treves from Paul Braithwaite

Letter dated 19 October 2003 From Paul Braithwaite to Vanni Treves

Dear Mr Treves,

EMAG and the Parliamentary Ombudsman:

The committee of EMAG was profoundly unhappy with the report and conclusions of the Parliamentary Ombudsman of June 30th . 2003.

Unlike the Society's apparent attitude, we did not regard the PO as "a mere sideshow." EMAG believes the best chance of any material compensation for ELAS policyholders is from Government - emanating from acknowledging serial regulatory failure throughout the 1990s by the DTI, Treasury, GAD etc and will, most likely, be achieved through a recommendation by the PO.

To this end, EMAG has worked long and hard throughout the summer putting together the case to have the Ombudsman's report set aside. An application for Judicial Review must be lodged within three months. This we did.

The enclosed claim was formally filed last week. EMAG is happy to share it with the board of the Equitable Life, as an act of courtesy and goodwill.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Braithwaite
General secretary of EMAG