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Documents: 21/04/2006 - John Newman - My Position


I believe I am well qualified to be an independent non-executive director of ELAS from my professional experience and proven expertise.
If elected I will:

Support the Committee of Inquiry of the European Parliament and make the European route for compensation from the Government a success.

Make sure the Society co-operates with the Parliamentary Ombudsman and if there is a finding of maladministration assists EMAG in obtaining proper compensation for policyholders.

Take a personal interest in standards of service at Aylesbury and attack the level of charges for investment management and for policy management from HBOS.

Explore separate funds for differing classes of policyholders and investigate if annuitants can transfer or recast their choice of annuity.

Make openness in dealing with claims the Society’s policy.

Assist the Society to account realistically for its activities and particularly account for MVAs and reconsider the MVA policy.

Have full disclosure of documentation and better disclosure of financial information.

Could I ask you to please vote for me in the box against Resolution 4.4.

Please cast votes against ALL the other candidates in the boxes by resolutions 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 to make your vote more effective.

John A Newman

20th April 2006