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Documents: 10/10/2008 - Investors in Icebanks get 100% protection

Investors in Icebanks get 100% protection

It is out-of-order that those investors who have enjoyed market-topping returns from risky Icelandic internet bank accounts have, in a matter of hours, been guaranteed protection by The Treasury - not just up to £35,000 or to £50,000 but for 100% of their savings. The bill to our public purse is estimated at £4billion, approximately the same sum that EMAG has detailed as the losses we have suffered solely down to financial regulators failing us in their statutory duties. Why not write again and express your OUTRAGE to your MP and local newspaper? See today’s Times newspaper.

Gordon Brown’s Conference words on “a fair society”

Gordon’s Conference speech on 23rd September mentioned “fairness” 41 times. Here are just a few extract from Gordon Brown:

"What angers me is when people are treated unfairly. When people share with me problems with their finances I want to help as I saw the same problems with my parents."

"Fairness is treating others how we would be treated ourselves."

"Our duty will be and is security for all, fair chances for all, and fair rules applied to all."

“……dignity in their later years. That's the fairness pensioners deserve." etc, etc