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Press Releases: 05/12/2002 - Response to Charles Thompson rebutting his description of EMAG as 'standing on the sidelines and criticising'

4 December '02 - Response to Charles Thompson who described EMAG as:

'EMAG merely stands on the sidelines and criticises.'

Not so:

EMAG has commissioned reports on ELAS to help policyholders from Prof David Blake (x 2), Ned Cazalet and Colin Slater FCA

EMAG maintains a website that is much more comprehensive, up-to-date and useful than the Society's own

EMAG prepared and submitted a FAR more comprehensive proposal on Governance reforms than that recently circulated by the ELAS board.

EMAG has made innumerable submissions to the FSA, TreasCom, Sandler, Penrose and MPs (and the press).

EMAG has spearheaded the quest for Government compensation, so far without any backing from the board who are "waiting for Penrose".

EMAG has had success in lobbying Parliament and contributed to the recent decision to reopen the TreasCom investigation.

EMAG is as the forefront of trying, with all other "E 7" AGs to prompt the Parliamentary Ombudsman to investigate maladministration.

EMAG has put up independent candidates for democratic election at the last two AGMs - unsuccessfully.

EMAG's committee meeting minutes, all 24 to date, are published.

EMAG has persistently campaigned to the board and to the FSA for a greater degree of quality information and delivery of the promised but yet to be delivered transparency.

EMAG has actively participated in every consultation meeting with the Society to which it has been invited. It is no longer being invited.

The suggestion of replace Vanni Treves with a full time company doctor chairman is a constructive proposal on behalf of policyholders.

Yes, EMAG has criticised. There has much to be critical about!

Paul Braithwaite
5th Dec '02